Mission Statement

******** Please note:  Ms. Wieting is on sabbatical , effective 1 March 2013. ********

Maggie Wieting


Founder’s Statement

Maggie Wieting is Founder and former CEO of Maggie Wieting Inc.


Maggie Wieting Consultants mission was borne out of necessity to help fulfill demand with a desire to create environmentally friendly green space.

We are a design consultancy group specializing in sustainability by providing seamless interior residential and commercial designs, together through a distinguished team of visionary green architects, LEED certified engineers, interior designers, eco-friendly land purveyors, government liaisons, policy makers and lobbying counsel along with real estate developers, investors and specialists.   In our shared vision we combine experience with imagination and wanderlust to create inspiring green spaces.

With expansion into growth markets of Asia Pacific and emerging markets of Southeast Asia, Maggie Wieting Consultants LLC mission is to appeal to the environmentally conscious with an emphasis on sustainable organic agriculture and green architectural development.   Per square meter scarcity continues to challenge real estate developers and corporations within the greater metropolitan regions of a growing populace.  It is our goal to cohesively mesh demand and scarcity with long term sustainability.

As Founder, former CEO, and a former principal designer, our team has committed to adhere to the strict standards for which Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) plays a pivotal role in all our forthcoming construction and execution of sustainability projects: revitalization, renovations, reconstruction or new.   Modern structures are now – more than ever – requested by landowners, lessors, developers, engineers and architects to integrate their projects through a higher efficiency standard, a challenge at every phase, but well worth our time and effort if done masterfully well in the world of architectural design.

As the company grows, we shall endeavor to make this mission possible of all our projects.


Personal Mission

I am truly blessed.

I am thankful to be surrounded by first and second degree life transformations, inspirations – even ancestors long gone but not forgotten – including my belated great grand parents who were judges, merchants, professors and trade partners of the Far East and land owners of the provinces.   My maternal grandparents who were Mayor and First Lady of their island-province, worked vigorously to retain prized real estate commercial tracts in business districts, including large plots of fertile agricultural land for organic farming and mass distribution for use locally and regionally.   Both commercially and privately, this legacy of their work must be maintained and valued.   They clearly knew the value of hard work, having lived through both WWII facing starvation and relocation amid the Japanese occupation.

My paternal grandfather – though wounded and later died as a result of his injuries during the occupation – was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star for valor, and a Purple Heart along with several other renown medals by former United States President Harry S. Truman which were given to my grandmother on his behalf upon his demise.  Today, they now sit in a medal encasement for all to see and though life moves forward, I can’t help but feel I owe a debt of gratitude for his early departure and my family for the path they’ve carefully carved for me, my generation.

Knowing my family’s history, I am obliged to do my part and shall endeavor to make a difference for posterity through my creative work.

I recall the case of my paternal grand uncle who – though sadly left this earth before his time during one of his missions abroad – was an Ambassador armed with a Stanford PhD in economics, Director of economic development for the Far East and Pacific Division of the United Nations Development Program, focused on the promotion of economic policies and education programs of UNESCO and ICA’s groups.   His travel and joint efforts made significant in-roads in the 1960’s-1970’s between Asia and the West, specifically for commercial trade and finance for the Far East Economic Council and World Health Organization.    A patriarch to our family, his namesake was bestowed upon posthumously and adorns one of the United Nation’s resident research libraries in New York in his honor.      He was and remains still an inspiration for us.

I have been given opportunities that have opened doors, but it is the direct impact of family that has had and continues to be the strongest influence, especially my dear parents – now fully retired – who have brought worth and value to life. Together they helped preserve and save many lives under their care with more than 50+ years combined experience as physician and surgeon. My father continued his medical training and education throughout his 30+ years in the field as a practicing physician and while serving as an adjunct professor of osteopathic medicine to 3rd and 4th year medical students in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast region. Although fully retired, he continues his love of medicine by helping others through volunteer efforts at his local Veteran’s hospital.

These are my personal inspirations.   Their hard work — multiple generations worth — clearly paved the way for us as we stand on their giant shoulders.

I must contribute something.

Without my parents and their predecessors, generations of hard work, they have ALL ultimately been an inspiration – professionally and personally – for me to do more… in my vocation…in my pursuits…goals and dreams.   We are not simply here to occupy space and boast of self-preservation.   These giants who paved the way for us deserve better.   I am here to help build ‘something’ for the next generation and the next.   These opportunities and blessings lay on my lap and it is my duty to offer something in return.    I am grateful yet choose to take a different road – a path unmarked, a new and exciting venture as it may be – and hope to make my way through a creative outlet.   This is my dream: a challenge to begin anew in unknown territory, one (baby) step at a time.

This is my contribution.


Maggie Wieting Consultants LLC















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