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We are proud to work with a distinguished roster of affiliations and partners who contribute to our vision, offering top-notch advisement and counsel for our real estate investment ideas and projects.  

Still growing through expansion, we are slowly but steadfastly building a larger base in Hong Kong, Manila, London and New York.

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B. Laing Associates, Inc. has an extensive, detailed knowledge of wetland permitting, delineation and mitigation (including restoration).  We have conducted wetland studies in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia Washington, and Pakistan.  In permitting, we have helped clients obtain individual Clean Water Act 404 permits, nationwide permits, state permits, local approvals and tax appeals.  Permitted projects range from baseball stadiums, highways and bridges to single family homes and docks.  Wetland projects always begin with recognition of the wetland/upland boundary (i.e., wetland delineation through Federal, State, or local methods).  The many hundreds of delineations conducted by B. Laing Associates, Inc. have ranged from pre-purchase reconnaissance efforts to fully comprehensive, three parameter-sampling methodologies.  The existing condition of the wetland and project impacts can be determined by computer-based wetland and ecological modeling including Habitat Evaluation Procedures, Wetland Evaluation Techniques, Incremental Instream Flow Analysis, Evaluation of Planned Wetlands and a range of other quantitative methodologies.  B. Laing Associates, Inc. personnel have conceived, designed more than 600 acres and supervised the construction of more than 350 acres of wetland mitigation and restoration.  As such, we are one of the nation’s leading firms in this field, and can provide both innovative and practical methodologies to receive project approvals and implement project construction.

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