Maggie Wieting, Founder

********Please note:  Ms. Wieting is on sabbatical, effective 1 March 2013. ********

We thank you for your patronage.

Maggie Wieting 

Founder and former CEO

Maggie Wieting Interior Design merged with Maggie Wieting Consultants LLC as of 1 January 2012.

While in transition, operations and management will continue to function under the umbrella of Maggie Wieting Inc.

All transactions, communications, correspondence relating to Maggie Wieting Interior Design ~ MWID ~ shall become the property of Maggie Wieting Consultants LLC.

Maggie Wieting Interior Design,  Maggie Wieting Public Relations,  Maggie Wieting Consultants LLC and Sullivan Charles (Trademark pending) are subsidiary units managed by Maggie Wieting, Inc.

 New York office    +1 212 249 0494

New York office fax   +1 212 249 0483

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